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Admission Selection CPNS Ministry of Health

1 . Admission Selection CPNS Ministry of Health in 2013 was not at all free of charge .The Ministry of Health is not responsible for the charges by the person on behalf of the Ministry of Health or the Committee so that participants are not expected to serve as a bid to facilitate the acceptance of employess .2 . Files that have been sent to the Ministry of Health and the Committee belongs not refundable .3 . Not allowed to register a double .4 . PO BOX address list and Hotline services specialization of each province will be aired on September 19, 2013.5 . Applicants are encouraged to continue to monitor the development of information and Acceptance CPNS Ministry of Health in 2013 through the Civil Service Bureau's website ( www.ropeg - kemenkes.or.id ) .6 . The committee decision is final and can not be contested .7 . If in the future applicants give false data proved the graduation shall be canceled .
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