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Copy of charter / certificate

h . Copy of charter / certificate ( specifically Athlete Achievement ) .i . Copy of certificate valid charter / certificate ( specifically Athlete Achievement ) .10 . The committee does not accept the file other than those delivered through PO.BOX and data applications delivered via PO BOX in accordance with the Clumps :a. PO BOX 4635 JKP 10046 for Education Clusterb . PO BOX 4636 JKP 10046 for Health Clusterc . PO BOX 10046 4637JKP for Technical Clusterd . PO BOX 10046 4638JKP for Cluster Administratione . PO BOX 4639 JKP 10046 for Clumps Athlete Achievement11 . The color map snelhecter for applicants are as follows :a. Education clumps Red color map .b . Health clumps Green color map .c . Blue color folder RumpunTeknisd . Yellow color map clumps Administration .
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